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The Client and Their Brief

We shot a fantastic packaging photography campaign for a local freelance graphic designer called Alex Austin, earlier this year. The brief required us to capture Alex’s unique packaging design work, for a well-established SPF skincare brand called LifeJacket Skin Protection.

What We Did

Our packaging photography images showcase Alex’s exceptional talent in graphic design. These images provided lovely content for Alex’s portfolio, website and social where she could talk about her collaboration and work for LifeJacket.

We photographed a selection of Alex’s designs which were printed onto different-sized package boxes such as; large outer boxes, inner modular boxes and smaller boxes that hold a single product.It gave us the freedom to arrange the products in different ways, such as in quirky angles and floating shots. The idea was to capture what is essentially a firm cardboard box in the most interesting and eye-catching way, to make the products pop!

We felt the best way to display these products was to shoot them in a dynamic way. After all, an object defying gravity is bound to turn heads! To achieve this, we attached each individual product to pieces of acrylic, which gave them shape and playful perspectives. Post-production brought all the pieces together, to create the surreal concept and final images. Paths were used to clip the individual products to a neutral grey background and a subtle gradient was added to provide character, as if a spotlight is shining on it. We created natural shadows between the products and beneath to give depth and realism to the image. Some images were more complex to make, as they comprised multiple products comped together to build a floating arrangement! This was a fun and effective way to make unique shots. Since each product is on a separate layer, you can move the products around as you please using this Photoshop technique.

We also shot a series of group shots, displaying the packaging next to the LifeJacket products, which helped to show a sense of context and scale. A particular design element the client wanted to highlight was the individual modular boxes that can be configured in any way, as if they were puzzle pieces (see bottom right image). This was shown through a series of boxes styled in different arrangements to reflect Alex’s versatile and functional design concept. There is fluidity and visual impact in this series of shots when viewed together.

Lifejacket Product Photography

How It Looks

The Results

Overall, we are truly pleased to collaborate with Alex Austin, and deliver some beautiful packaging photography stills to show off her work and build her portfolio! The neutral grey backdrops parallel nicely with the block graphics and provide a solid contrast with the LifeJacket’s neon striking packaging.

What The Client Said

These are AMAZING! Thanks so much guys!
Alex Austin, Freelance Graphic Designer

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