Crafted and bespoke product videos, lifestyle and still life moving image with extra Oomph! 

Our team shoots stunning video content – it’s complimentary to our established photography and elevates your great products and brands further. We have the knowledge needed to plan, light and art direct beautiful still life product videos, lifestyle action and engaging social content that really connects with your audience.

Beautifully Crafted Product Videos in Dorset

Our experienced team can produce promotional video that really shines.

Using our extensive knowledge of studio lighting from still life product photography, and experience in the industry, our talented crew can now also bring your moving image brief to life.

The addition of professional grade continuous LED lighting and moving image equipment to our studio facilities in Bournemouth is an obvious extension of our practice. It allows us to give the same professional service and attention to detail for video projects too. We have professional grade gimbals, motorised sliders and 8K pro res cameras to get those must have creative movements!

Whether you need something bespoke, or want both photography and video from the same shoot, we are able to fulfil your videographer brief with an adaptable studio environment. Due to the output and quality of the continuous lighting we use, stills can be shot in the same set up as video, allowing for continuity of content and cost effective productions. 

Our creative awareness and reputation for lighting and tonal control means our professional skillset is perfect for moving image. The desire to capture beautifully lit lifestyle and product video content has never been more relevant to our clients – we focus our attention on the visual properties of each shot, and always prioritise the lighting, craft and storyboarding so that your footage makes sense, and looks great!

As established image makers, and full members of the AOP, you’ll get a crew who thrive when crafting lifestyle and product videos, and enjoy being challenged on set and on location. Our desire to bring the same quality and attention to detail to video means we are ready to get stuck in, and work hard helping to direct and produce the assets your brief needs.

filming vide on location

Why Choose Us For Your Video Content

A professional photography studio, based in Bournemouth, with clients around the world.

Our highly creative team work in a large 20,000 sq ft professional studio, with infinity cove, shooting wall, fully fitted kitchen and drive in access, and we have years of experience generating exceptional content for some of the worlds best brands

Whether you’d like to attend the shoot, or work remotely, we’re set up and ready to go for even the most demanding of projects. With comfy sofas, big tethering screens and Whats App picture messaging, we can ensure you’re a key part of the creative process.

Looking for excellent lifestyle or product videos?

Contact our friendly production crew today and talk through your next project!

Our Latest Work

A selection of our recent projects featuring studio sets, location lifestyle, industrial products, and fashion videos!

Gorman Dynamics

Gorman Dynamics Machine Videos | Case Study

We worked with UK manufacturing company Gorman Dynamics, in their facility, to capture some creative and technical industrial product videos that showed the precision and quality of their engineering. Working over several days, with multiple lights and rigging, we shot their moving machines so they can show their industry just how good their products are.

Loci Shoes

Loci Shoes Fashion Videos | Case Study

These funky modern trainers by Loci were shot in our studio, on our large infinity cove. The model interacted with a plinth in a variety of ways so that all angles could be captured. With stunning lighting and creative post production, we produced product videos that excite and inspire.

Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard Skincare Product Video | Case Study

This complex campaign video combined both model application scenes, and creative skincare texture close-ups. The art direction from the team at Neal’s Yard was excellent, and we enjoyed delivering a project that helped to show off their stunning new range.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Lifestyle Video | Case Study

Working on location in London, we helped the team at The Body Shop At Home to direct and produce video content that sparkles. The smiles and natural beauty of their wider team came through, complimented with some beautiful location continuous lighting through the windows.

Our Reviews

Neal's Yard Remedies

“The work has gone down so well with the team here, thanks again guys.. Gorgeous!”

Andry Kirlappou-Fry

The Body Shop

“Thank you so much for all your hard work last week on the shoot! I think we’ve got some great shots and videos, as always!”

Cathryn Kobayashi


“Great work on this one, chaps. I know the client is looking forward to building the campaign with these stunning images!”

Nigel Parsons

How It Works

Our talented team is here to help. Talk to us today if you need more information on how it all works!

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of images we shoot varies with every project.

Some of our clients will commission us to make 1 or 2 images in a day, and others expect to get through more than 50. The most important thing to consider is the type of photography you need. If the image is detailed, and needs stylists and intricate lighting, then the difficulty dictates more time is needed. If the imagery is all to be shot in the same set, with very similar or identical lighting set ups, then this efficiency means we generate far more shots. In short, there aren’t levels of service we offer, we only ever try to make excellent images – it is simply that some shoots are complex and others straight forward.

A few projects can be costed per image, but most are charged based on time.

Those charged per image tend to be high quantity photoshoots for repeat clients, and will be based on an economy of scale; i.e the more images they require the lower the unit cost per image. For most projects we charge by time. This can be as little as 1/4 of a day, but typically 1/2 days and full days are quoted. This is simpler for everyone involved and allows for flexibility – we will always be transparent with costs and let you know how long we think your project needs by quoting or estimating the costs/amount of time from your brief.

These are the terms we use for time spent before and after a shoot.

Pre production refers to time allocated to planning a shoot. It can include meetings, sourcing items, booking accommodation or locations and making/creating backgrounds. Smaller projects often don’t need a pre production budget, but larger ones do if they involve the above tasks. Post production is charged on all projects. It is the time we take for editing pictures or footage. We don’t allow our work to be delivered ‘RAW’, or unedited. This cost is always made clear up front and is an integral part of the process to ensure high quality retouched work is supplied.

Yes – lots!

When you approach our industrial estate you’re looking for 16 Alder Hills, it’s the last on the right once you’ve driven up the hill. Enter the estate and look for Double Exposure Photographic. Follow the numbers round clockwise until you see Unit 5. You can park outside our studio, there’s plenty of space for 5 + vehicles.

Video is slightly different to photography, so we just need a little more information.

We’ll typically ask a few more questions if you have a moving image brief. We’re interested in the overall story or promotional narrative behind the sequences of shots you’ve drafted. This pre production planning is a wise idea to help the project run smoothly – we can then discern the shots we need to shoot, and in what order. We’ll ask about resolution, colour space, aspect and crop ratios. It’s helpful to know if it’s above or below the line, whether you need audio and a soundtrack and if there’s subtitles or voiceover. Additionally, to generate really engaging content we often use a slider, gimbals and specialist lighting. This additional equipment is often billed into the project as a separate cost when shooting videos.

It’s fine to be as involved in the shoots as you’d like to be.

Some clients prefer to drop off and go, others prefer to oversee all the fine detail. We get it, and are happy however you’d like to be involved. As an experienced studio we know that sometimes it’s important to sign off the images as we go through a shoot day, and this can happen in the studio or remotely. If you can’t make it to us, we can send images by email and WhatApp so they can be shared internally with your team. We have comfy sofas, coffee, wi-fi and parking; so if you’d like to hang about, you’ll feel right at home!

All standard client amends are included.

After we’ve delivered your project (most likely via WeTransfer download, or a shared Dropbox folder), you may need some images edited or amended. Don’t worry, this is very common and all part of the creative process. We’ll handle all your ‘standard’ amends for free and subject to reasonable requests – it’s all part of the initial costs. If there are requirements we weren’t aware of, or haven’t quoted for (e.g. multiple different file formats, further editing, background AI or stock library composites) we will inform you of the additional studio editing costs and you can make the decision on how to proceed.