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The Client and Their Brief

As of this autumn, we started working with Nicolson, a premium London-based alcoholic drink brand, newly re-launched in 2022. The client came to us with a vision; for us to generating a creative and innovative gin photography for their new Negroni ahead of Christmas. Our passion for lighting allows us to make bottles look their best, so we were delighted to take on this new client, especially during such a crucial retail period as Black Friday and Christmas fast approaches!

The brief required us to produce a series of stills, advertising the new Nicholson Negroni cocktail, a blend of the Nicholson gin, vermouth, Italian bitters and a hint of blood orange. The client approached us ahead of Christmas, so the images could be used to promote the new product, and increase sales!

What We Did

There is always something stimulating and refreshing about working with a new client. However, it can pose a few challenges, such as successfully interpreting concepts, expectations, and deliverables. In this case, where this Nicholson drink is relatively new, it is useful to gain insight into the brand. Nicholson gin has been distilled since 1736, and it was a popular drink in London hotels like the Savoy. This heritage brand has spent years refining and reinventing the classic bottle, by modernising the label design and branding, which was our job to accurately capture!

The shoot concept played on the idea of a ‘Soho glow’, a slightly edgy aesthetic with distinctive neon lights, seductive warmth and a cosy ambience. Similarly to the signature blood orange liquid and strong flavours of a Negroni; a perfect winter drink, reflecting notions of warm light, entices you in, and warming your soul.

We captured this gin photography by creatively building a trendy bar/table scene in the studio, as if the bottle was shot in an iconic Soho bar on a dark winters evening. To create this atmosphere and mood, we chose a rustic dark blue textured surface, hard metals that reflected light well and a lovely neon sign that helped capture the essence of Soho atmosphere. We also experimented with a red bike lights to refract accents of red light into the set, such as onto melted ice or reflected through glass. This ‘tail light’ evening nod was a key visual element that the client wanted us to show throughout the series, in addition to hints of neon signs.

This creative technique really helped to convey the ‘Soho Glow’ theme, and the dark surface tones helped the blood orange liquid and bottle stand out. Incorporating models into the shots added a lifestyle feel to the series, and further helped to reflect the nightlife scene!

Nicholson Negroni In Glass

How It Looks

The Results

It was a real pleasure capturing this gin photography in such a creative way, through intricate styling and intriguing angles.

Some of the final images shown in this case study were refined technically in post-production, by utilising generative AI to create light scenes, giving the illusion they were shot at bar in Soho. For example, we generated several different abstract neon backgrounds, which we integrated with the shots taken in-studio. This blend was an exciting creative process for our retouching team, but fairly time consuming to ensure the perspective and lighting matched the original shots.

We are super pleased with the final series, and thoroughly enjoyed both the pre-production (sourcing surfaces, props and backgrounds) through to curating the finishing touches with the power of AI, a process that we found very exciting and look forward to using more in the near future!

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What The Client Said

Guys, Can I just congratulate you … I think the photos are quite superb. Well done. It’s captured Josh’s brilliant Soho glow idea perfectly. Well done.
Alex, Nicholson Negroni, CEO

We’ve done very well here to have something that’s got an edge to it while staying classy. It’s really cool and actually I think what comes through is confidence. The product looks great (liquid and packaging), the darkness and glow together are rich and warming and enticing. The neon red, the ice splashes, the knife, the ice brander and not-perfect orange gives a cool edgy vibe to it all. Cheers, guys!

Josh, Nicholson Gin, Creative Director

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