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The Client and Their Brief

Completing an Ariel Atom photoshoot is always a pleasure; and we have worked with the Ariel Motor Company for many years, and take great pride in working with their team when new vehicles needs shooting in our studio here in Bournemouth. The cars are of excellent quality, and have such unique designs – it’s always an enjoyable experience when they ask us to be involved in their car studio photoshoot.

The images of the new car were to be used in the press release on the day of the cars announcement, which would be the first time the public had set eyes on it!

What We Did

Using a large drive in studio we were able to orientate the car in multiple positions, which allowed us to have plenty of space to capture the car in it’s entirety – with enough distance that ensured that we could capture the depth of field we wanted and the right lens perspective.

The studio also has a hatch high up in the ceiling where we were able to shoot top down and capture a unique view. We used a selection of large bounce panels, a floating ceiling and diffusion to gather all the various lighting components we needed.

Below are a selection of behind the scenes images along with some of the final images from the shoot!

Checking Ariel Atom Photo

How It Looks

The Results

Once we have the images we need from the Ariel Atom photoshoot, we can move the project into post production. We use a variety of image editing techniques in Photoshop to bring the cars to life. The different collateral shots can be layered together with masks, and blended so that each element has the desired reflections and retouching. The car is shot on a white infinity cove, and then clipped, with shadows retained and touched up on separate layers.

We strive to make our photographs exceptional for our clients. We want to generate digital assets that not just look great, but work perfectly when designs teams and digital advertising agencies take the work forward into marketing!

See our work live on the clients website here: Ariel Atom

What The Client Said

Thanks guys, we’re on top of it and the looking really good! Thanks again for fitting us in at such short notice.
Simon Saunders, Ariel Motor Company

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