The Client and Their Brief

Last summer we captured Black Friday product photography for Euronics, the well-known international electrical retailer. The concept of the shoot was curated by Mark Sephton, founder of the creative studio and advertising agency Creative Forager.

The purpose of this shoot was to advertise a range of electrical products that were to be discounted on the Black Friday sale. The brief required us to capture multiple items within different categories for example; kitchen, tv and entertainment, small appliances and a group shot including all products. The overall concept was to arrange the products amongst a pool of matt black balloons. Straight away we knew we would need a good amount of pre-production time to figure out the logistics of turning a great concept into a reality!

What We Did

Due to the size and number of products, the setups were on a pretty large scale. We decided to order scaffolding to allow us to shoot against a wide enough backdrop, allowing for extra space for taller items (such as fridges). As well as some leeway for different-size image formats, web banners, social stories etc. The brief also required us to style the products in layers of varying heights, for visual interest. Plinths were the ideal prop to organise the items in a creative way, adding height and depth helping to draw attention to specific items. Our set builder made custom size plinths for each individual appliance, which we were able to freely move to shoot various angles. This was also an effective way to help divide alternating-size products, and arrange them into the appropriate categories. In keeping with the Black Friday theme, the plinths were painted matt black to complement the dark colour scheme.

Balloons were the main concept of the shoot, to help symbolise the Black Friday sale. Therefore, we had to find specific ‘black matt balloons’ that would match the overall Black Friday product photography theme of the shoot, although finding the exact black-coloured balloons proved to be a little tricky. We ordered several different types of balloons to compare and test which would shoot better (ie.The least reflective). Once we were set on the right ballon we had to ensure we had plenty to use (around 300 in total!) to allow for the occasional duff! We even had the genius idea of using a trampoline to store the balloons in-between different setups, allowing the shoot to work as efficiently as possible. We also used black footballs in the tv and entertainment shots for use alongside the world cup!

An integral part of this campaign was being able to make the images as versatile as possible for the deliverable formats. The client specified a range of ratios necessary for advertising on different platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and website. In-store POS assets were also a requirement such as posters, hanging signs, A-boards, wobblers and window vinyls.

Thanks to Sephton at Creative Forager who came up with the concept and got us on board for this campaign

How It Looks

The Results

Check out some of the final Black Friday product photography images above, as well as some behind-the-scenes snaps! We are super pleased with the results, especially the lighting and colour consistency. Overall, this was a really fun shoot that delivered some stunning images for the popular Black Friday Euronics sales to be used in multiple formats!

What The Client Said

Both Will and Mark were friendly, knowledgeable and great at what they do. We achieved everything that we set out to do and it resulted in some beautifully lit photography we were able to use in our national campaign including POS rolled out through our stores across the UK as well as alternative imagery for our digital assets.

Jasmine Conrad, Euronics (Production Lead - Marketing and Design)

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