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The Client and Their Brief

In August 2020, we were delighted to complete a food product photoshoot with Walker Agency, for Beroni pasta, with the images to be used on a new packaging design. Producing work for such a global brand is extremely exciting, especially when we see our finished work printed onto products and even featured in TV adverts!

Engaging food photography is integral to many businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and food markets. A single photo can make or break a food business’s marketing strategy, which can mean the difference between sales and loss. Our aim as commercial photographers is to create the idea that the food photographed is just as appetising as it really appears to be.

What We Did

We always work in a large team, consisting of a creative Agency ( in this instance Walker Agency, in Bournemouth) that supplies the brief, the client (Beroni Pasta) who have the overall say in the shoot, and a food stylist who will prep and prepare the food ready to be photographed. Working in a creative team allows us to collaborate and ensures we fulfil the client’s needs!

Presentation is fundamental when photographing food. Great food stylists will ensure they have all the prep and ingredients required for the shoot. Their job is to make the product look the best it can be. After all, unappetising food will not make us want to buy! Our spacious studio and fully working kitchen allows for the shoot to run efficiently, as the stylist is able to lay out the ingredients and products and even prepare the food for the next shot. Meanwhile, we can focus on shooting, especially lighting!

Aesthetics and Props

Props add visual interest to an image and help to create a story and set a mood. The brief listed a shot with pasta on fork, and pasta cooked in a bowl. Choosing the correct props is important. We have to ensure we have the right style of props to meet the brief. We have built up an extensive range of props over the years, which gives us more choices and allows us to be more creative when styling a product, and quite frequently we source exactly what’s needed for the shot.

We were really pleased with the final shots, which were then used across all advertising for Beroni!

Beroni Fusilli On Fork

How It Looks

The Results

We particularly love the graphic aesthetic, illustrated through the block colour background which contrasts against the shiny cutlery which catches the light beautifully. The close-up shots help emphasise the texture of the pasta and the low angle makes the product look bold and fills the frame. As the colour of pasta is fairly plain, our images were comped onto a striking background – mimicking Beronis’ signature colours.

The second image captures the pasta within a meal style. The white bowl helps to accentuate the colours in the image, and the 45-degree angle draws the viewer’s attention towards the focal point of the image.

The final tweak for making the food look tasty is to alter the colours in post-production. It is vital that the colours are true to life, so precise grading and white balance can really make the images come alive, as well as boost the saturation, adding warmth which can make the food look more appealing.

Below shows how our work is used in a commercial context, across supermarket product packaging. This is the most rewarding part of the creative process for us!

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What The Client Said

Just to let you know, your photos are looking excellent and some are at the packaging printers as we speak. The client is very happy and so are we!

Paula Barclay, Walker Agency

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