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The Client and Their Brief

We shot a location product photoshoot for Neal’s Yard, which also included a mix of studio and location product and lifestyle photography. They specialise in natural and organic skincare products, and we relish the opportunity to make each project the best it can be, especially a shoot house location photoshoot!

During one particularly good (and hot) summer it seemed bizarre to be thinking about Christmas, but in order for brands like Neal’s Yard to get their Christmas catalogue out well before Christmas, we always need to shoot in plenty of time. Our photography location was an amazing property in Brixton, London. This particular property had an interior that ticked the required boxes for the look and feel that the client desired. It also had large rooms and open spaces which are ideal to allow the team to spread out.

What We Did

In order to control the exterior light (we were shooting low level lighting; think candles and festive fairly lights) we had to flag the windows from the outside. Despite the internal shutters it’s amazing how much light still manages to leak in! We did this with floppy flags and C-stands. By controlling the environment in this way we can choose the lenses, apertures and speeds we need on our camera for our location product photoshoot.

As with all Neal’s Yard shoots there is always a copious amount of props on standby –  ready for creating that look which is instantly recognisable with their brand. The great thing about taking lots of props, is that you have a great choice. Sometimes it’s what you leave out that counts, and the ability to chop and change the items in set shouldn’t be underestimated! We’ve worked with some truly talented stylists over the years; it is important to have an experienced and positive team working together on projects like this – it always delivers the results needed.

Neal's Yard Camera Shoot

How It Looks

The Results

We shot beautiful spreads in the main living spaces with lovely fire backdrops and furniture. Some of the props were taken from the house, and others arranged by the stylist and the usual prop houses we use. The images above show some of the lighting rigging and propping in use during the shoot, along with the team working on different concepts.

What The Client Said

Amazing!!!! Thank you soooo much. Mammoth job I know but we are looking fantastic.

Andry Kirlappou-Fry, Neal's Yard

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